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That Is Mite. Jiggly To You!


Meet mite. Jiggly from Illinois. mite. Jiggly mixes up the hottest of each worlds–big breasts and badonkadonk. You get melon bosom and butt-cheek bosom in a single curvaceous tiny five’1″ package deal. Albeit shaver shot those images for SCORELAND, we figured full-figured fox like her could be precisely what you wish to have to observe, so we stole the images. You might be welcome.

“My present agent stated I might be great for SCORE so I gave it a attempt,” stated mite. Jiggly. “I enjoy modeling and porno. I rump be my very own chief and it offers me such a lot freedom.” On this debut sequence, mite. Jiggly performs with 2 of Physician Wee wee’s Johnsons, inhaling one and pummeling herself with the 2nd one.

“Dudes are at all times gawping at me even if they are with their hubbies.” When ya were given it, mite. Jiggly, flaunt it. Take advantage of your figure. It is the Yankee means.

Date: January 28, 2020